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BG Yoni Shower Gel

  •  BG Yoni Shower Gel
  •  BG Yoni Shower Gel
  •  BG Yoni Shower Gel
  •  BG Yoni Shower Gel
  •  BG Yoni Shower Gel

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Kills odor immediately & quickly!!

Rated #1 Odor Killer PH Shower Gel
Amazing natural therapeutic clean scents so say GOODBYE odor!! Never too late to better yourself or jump start on your personal hygiene!! I got your back bestie.

Perfect for before & after intercourse
Perfect for everyday cleanness
Perfect for them sneaky links
Perfect for period blood smell
Perfect for ANY smell & foul odor

Start Everyday Fresh!

Natural ingredients carefully selected for your soothing and healing properties.

Unbalanced PH, dryness, odor, & itchiness!

Reclaim your body and wake up or step out with a new feeling of refreshment and confidence.

At one time or another, almost every woman deals with feminine odor. And no wonder - you have thousands of sweat glands in your intimate area. Exercise, your period, and even what you eat can often be the cause of feminine odor. Only Bg Ph Shower Gel has odor block protection to help stop odor from happening before it begins -It's gentle enough to use every day, so now you can start every morning feeling clean. For a confidence that lasts all day.