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Bg PH Spray

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  • Bg PH Spray
  • Bg PH Spray
  • Bg PH Spray

#1 Rated Odor Killer

Size 60ml
Scent: Clean Heaven Scent SAME scent as our 24 & More scented PH Soap Scent Just in a bottle

"Ain't here to play use me everyday" Yoni Spray

Get & gain your confidence back and join the front of the bathroom line with our amazing heaven
Scent feminine deodorant spray! This unique formula stops & kills sweaty odors immediately rather it's caused from you working out, sitting for hours, live in hot climates, sexually active or just happen to be a bit of a sweaty betty (psst, so are 95% of all women)!
Made Without: alcohol, mineral, parabens, aluminum, or harmful perfumes ALL 100% natural ingredients so no one knows you sprayed a thing. The perfect solution from using inconvenient wipes that can dry out.

We know your lady parts won't always smell or look like a bouquet of roses, but...outside of needing a shower and maybe a spruce-up, she should never be smelly to the point of being offensive. If she is, something's wrong, and she's trying to tell you something!⁠ Our products like the Yummie oil & ph soaps were created to help your kitty stay fresh and clean.
They are pH balanced, hypoallergenic (No gluten, dairy, or soy), and are made with Natural Ingredients.

How to Use
Shake well. Best used immediately ANYTIME As well as after a shower or freshly cleansed area. Spray 3-6 times to cover the external intimate part. Allow for product to partially or completely dry to avoid wetting undergarments and for maximum absorption. Reapply as needed.

Great for privacy at home or on the go and a great addition to your feminine hygiene products!